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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Yummmmm Bacon!!!

ok so this might not be the best story but I am really nervous to talk about anything else so I need to try to take my mind off tomorrow. Mom is making me get fixed. I told her I am not broken so there is no reason to take me to the vet. I do not like the vet at all. She said she would explain to me later what getting fixed is she didn't want to scare me before the surgery.

So anyway on to happy things. I love love food. I love my chicken mini patties but human food is even better. Mom never gives me enough she only lets me taste it. She says people food is not good for dogs. I do not know what she is talking about tastes good to me. So here is a video to watch of me and my daddy's favorite food. He was making mom breakfast and thought he would give me a taste. It was so good I wanted the whole piece. I stretched it out so bad it wouldn't fit on the pan anymore to cook it.

I also wanted to say a special thank you to my Dad. He is going to bring me to the vet tomorrow. First time he as ever taken me. I do not know what I would do without my dad he plays with me everyday and I get so excited. I will admit mom gets more kisses but dad is getting pretty close to her. So I wanted to share this special video of me and my dad so he knows how much I love him even if I love mom more. Shhhh do not tell him I said that.

I will be back as soon as I am feeling better, mom said I might be sleepy after I get fixed. Wish me luck. If I can live in the wild for three days I am sure this getting fixed thing will be nothing. I have a great doctor.

                                 ~ ~ ~  BELLA ~ ~ ~

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My new best friend

I am so excited to tell everyone about my new friend Opie. Moms friend at work or I call her my second mom got him. We found him at the pound. All he wanted was for someone to love him like my mom loves me. When we first met it was love at first sight. He is perfect! He is my size and we run around and tweak out together and then we even had cuddle time. I have been trying to get cuddle time with Slade for over a year now and he just finally started to let me get close to him. Maybe it is the big brother thing and he is afraid of my koodies.

Below is a video my mom took when Opie was still at the pound.

This is the first time mom saw Opie. She wanted to take him home too but knew she couldn't so instead we found the perfect home for him and now I get visits at work here and there from Opie.

 This is our fun time at the office. It was the first time we got to meet each other. Sooooo much fun.

Mom was trying to get a picture of us both sitting, he still is learning sit.

couldn't be happier 

This is us playing with Slade's monkey. Shhhh I do not think Slade knows that mom took it to work for me to play with please do not tell my daddy or Slade.

Finally after about 2 hours of running in circles we needed a nap.

I didn't know at first if I wanted to share my moms lap but it wasn't so bad after I give in.

We even shared a smoothy together

Our next visit was Halloween. That was a fun day too. I can't wait until he comes again to visit me.
I guess I better get going. I will say hi again soon if mom ever lets me she is to busy doing work stuff. Thank you everyone for visiting me.

                         ~ ~ ~ BELLA ~ ~ ~

Friday, October 12, 2012

Some of my two favorite things

Today I wanted to share two of my favorite things. I love my window. I have two one in the bedroom and one in the living room and I get sun all day long.

 And I love pizza!!!!! I only get to taste it but it smells so so good.
Sorry so short and sweet but wanted to make sure I at least got to say hi today I told mom it was a must do. Thank you guys. xoxo

                                                    ~ ~ ~ Bella ~ ~ ~

Thursday, October 11, 2012

I am back!!!!


See how happy I am! I do not even know why I have been missing in action lately I hope all my friends forgive me. I will blame it on mom for not letting me use the computer. Here I am now and I am ready to say hi more often. I have so much to share where do I start.

I guess for today I will keep it short. Mom is trying to teach me how to sit pretty but does not know what command word to use and I get confused because first she tells me to sit then up. I thought I only had to do one trick for my treat. ... check out my new collar too :)

Ooooo speaking of trick or treat here is my Halloween costume. What do you think?

 So these people must not know that I have ears so when I have my horns on my ears do not know where to go.
Yup much happier with my horns off. I love my little tail who would have ever thought I could have two tails.

Ok my last exciting news is mom discovered Instagram. This means she takes way more pictures of me now but that is ok... just means more treats for me. Here are some pictures to enjoy.

 um... yeah I do not know why mom put me on the stove next to a pineapple, I was a little scared but still put on my cute face.
 This is my new collar which is nice and lose and my first one with no bell!!!! I can finally sneak around a little bit easier now. Mom calls it my relax collar for at home. The other collar is my moms first dog Moose. Boy o boy am I glad Slade is not that big.
 This is my best friend at work his name is Tito. He finally jumps up on the desk and we have fun together.
 Here is my newest collar custom made to fit me perfect and some little bling bling because mom said I am extra special to her and life would not be the same without me.
 And here are the pumpkins mom made for use. She carved our names a few months ago and then it scars the pumpkin whatever that means.

Well I better get going thank you all for letting me come back after my way long vacation from my blog. Talk to you tomorrow!

                                                      ~ ~ ~ BELLA ~ ~ ~

Monday, August 13, 2012

Some news to share

Hello everyone. I wanted to share with everyone some news. I had a feeling something was weird because I have not had to much fun time with my buddies Frosty and Nugget lately. So me and mom had a talk and this is what she told me...

She let me know that we are on the search for playmates for me to play with from time to time but Frosty and Nugget have decided to go live with their dad. I was so confused because I thought my dad was their dad and I guess this was not the case. I think this is all to much for me to understand. She told me that she misses them to no end and never wanted for them to move away. She also told me she knows what is best for us and after thinking long and hard she knows in her heart that they are happy where they live now and they get spoiled everyday like I do. That made me happy because every dog needs to get spoiled.

So she told me today I could write to them and tell them my goodbye because I was never able to say goodbye to them before they left. So here goes I am so tiny and do not know how to say goodbye I am only good at saying hi and lets go play...

Dear Frosty and Nugget,
I want you both to know how much I love you. Frosty you were kind of mean to me sometimes but you showed me how to be tough and never back down and I have to thank you for that. It was your lessons that helped me keep going when I was lost. Nugget you were so fun to play with I could not have asked for a better big sister.  I miss running around in the back yard with you guys and going for walks. I promise I will always think of you both while sunbathing in the window. I wish the best of luck to you both in every adventure you should find.  Thank you for being a part of my life, you made my first year one of the best and I will never forget all the memories.
Love Bella

Mom wanted to say a little something to I guess, this is only the second time she has wanted to write on my blog so it must be important.

To all of Bella’s blog friends and followers,
I have always wanted to include Frosty, Nugget, and Slade in Bella’s blog because they are part of her life too. I did not want people to start noticing that there were no photos or stories with Frosty and Nugget anymore without explaining what happen.  Frosty and Nugget were a part of my life for 9 + years and they were my whole world. I would have done anything to make sure that their everyday was worry free and full of fun. Then my life changed last year when there dad and I went our own ways.    We tried to share them every other week and it worked out for so long and then there were issues that came up. I had only Frosty and Nugget in mind and made the best choice I could so that they would live out the rest of their lives in happiness.  I have no doubt in my mind that they have smiles on their faces and tails are a wagging every day.  
A special message for Frosty and Nugget… you are in my thoughts every day and will always be on my mind. I want to thank you for giving me a smile every day I was able to wake up and see your happy faces looking at me and I will never forget your wonderful greetings every day  when I would come home from work.  You added so much meaning to my life and would never trade a second of the time we have spent together for anything.  There is a special place in my heart that will be for only you guys and it will be yours forever.  

I asked mom if I could share some of my favorite photos of us and she said that would be a great idea. So here are some pictures for everyone to look at. Thank you for reading my blog today it means so much to have friends like all of you.

This is us at work when we all got to come at one time. Best day ever we had so much fun!

Us three checking out moms new couch, she picked it out just so we could have our own spots on top and be eye level with her.

a fun day in the sun, we are so spoiled we get blankets outside.

Frosty and Nugget looking good as ever. The showed me how to look pretty for pictures, or shared the secret if I look good I will get treats.

our favorite spot ever!

us saying goodbye to mom for the day, we always were so excited for her to come home.

Another special thank you to Frosty and Nugget for being in my life. You will never be forgotten.
 Thank you everyone for reading my blog today. Mom told me that if I am ever sad just remember that everything happens for a reason and mom knows best so I will trust her on this one. She gives me the best life ever and I could not be more happy to have My mom and dad and big brother Slade. They make me smile everyday. Thank you daddy for changing moms life you have made me the perfect family. 

                                ~ ~ ~ Bella ~ ~ ~

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My new friends from Lucy!

Mom surprised me yesterday with new friends. I got all excited because I love to play with new friends. She explained that these guys I could not play with. I was a little sad but she told me so would make sure to find me new play mates soon so for now I have some swimming buddies for when I have my swim lessons. Speaking of swim lessons I am getting really good in the water. I have some pictures below of my friends going to their new home. They came from a 30 gallon tank and now have tons of room to swim.

Here are my new fish friends, Fred, Flo, Floppy and Fefe

I sure hope they are ok, this box was their home all day

After a good luck kiss I think it is time to release them into their new home. Thank you Lucy for my new friends

Here is my training pool for longtail and my friends new pond.

                          Thank you for reading my story today and again a special thank you Lucy for my friends

                                                            ~ ~ ~ BELLA ~ ~ ~

Friday, July 27, 2012

My big brother is finally home! I missed Slade so much. I tried to tell him that I love balls now too but he did not seem to happy now I try to play with even more toys that are his. I also have to share my daddy time with Slade too. That is no fun I want to be the center of attention again but it is a fair trade off having company all day long when I do not go to work. We pretty much sleep all day or my favorite place is in the windows. Mom has three windows I can crawl into and sunbath and people watch, I love it

mom was cleaning the bedroom last night so me and Slade were watching her. She has was eating some turkey that was so good. She gave us a few pieces. So good

Slade still won't play tug of war with me but I will never give up.
Thank you so much for coming to visit me again. Mom said she has something special planned for this weekend so we should have some great new videos next week.

                                        ~ ~ ~ BELLA ~ ~ ~

Friday, July 20, 2012

Bella and her adventures on the office desk

Ok so it has been way to long and I am sorry mom did not let me on the computer for so long. I am back finally. I get to come to work a lot more now so that is a plus. Sometimes I can be sassy but you have to have some fun right. Today they busted me on camera trying to get some pizza. The first attempt only got everyone laughing at me but the second try paid off with a pepperoni. I was able to get lucky enough to have two beds on my desk territory too so now I have room to play and sleep all above ground level, it is like my own little fort. I also found out that dancing on the keyboards is a lot of fun. I hope you enjoy my video's I will make sure I visit more often.

                                                                           ~ ~ ~BELLA~ ~ ~

Monday, July 2, 2012

Another great weekend of fun!

I know I know another long tail story. I will come up with some new adventures soon but I met some friends this weekend and always excited to share stories about friends. This video is of yet another swimming lesson. I keep telling mom that she can just carry me everywhere and that would be the best but she is not going for that idea. 

Here is a video of what happens after a swimming lesson. I just do not like being wet. I did meet a new friend that loved the water so mom really thinks that the day will come I love water too. We will see so far I love grass way better then the water.

This is a friend I met at Longtail! He was so nice and all he wanted to do was play around in the water. So mom made me watch him for a while so I could maybe pick up on a few things

Dogs and those darn balls.

This is Nala. She came all the way from Georgia to say here in Wisconsin for a while. We had a lot of fun walking in the water.

Here I am walking all by myself, water was really warm but I still missed my fuzzy warm blankets

Me and Nala hoping we get some yummy hamberger

This dog is showing off on his fancy ride. I am still getting used to mine but love it

So many people wanted to hold me and pet me and all I wanted was my mom back. Mom said it is a good idea to like all people and pets so she tries to bring me around lots of different activity's so I can get used to everything .
Finally mom made me a bed on the boat with my soft fuzzy blanket and I had a wonderful nap. Very busy day

Thank you all for coming to see me on this Monday morning. Have a great week and see you soon.

                                                               ~ ~ ~ BELLA ~ ~ ~

Friday, June 22, 2012

Me and My Buddy Slade Having Fun at Longtail!!

This was my first time on Longtail with my best buddy Slade. I was expecting him to show me around and be my tour guide and that is not what happen. Him and his stupid ball. I mean I have toys too that I love but Slade loves that ball more then me I think. How is that possible. O well I went around and explored the island myself with mom watching me very closely. She watches me a bit to much now after I was lost for three days. I also found this cool thing on the beach, mom said it was a carp. I wanted to check it out more but mom only let me sniff a little then I had to move on.

I guess that is about if for this video but I have many more to still share with you. Have a great weekend. I am headed up north to go visit grandpa and grandma at the cabin.

                                       ~ ~ ~ BELLA~ ~ ~

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

One of my best days at work yet.

 Ok so I know I was going to show you more adventures of my favorite weekend ever but I had to share this story...

I finally got to play with Tito. He comes to work a lot but usually stays up front in his basket and just sleeps all day. Yesterday we ran around and chased my ball and then I chased him. I could not catch him but he has long legs so once I grow more I will be way faster. O wait mom told me I am not growing anymore, now how will I ever catch him. I will have to outsmart him.

Here is my new friend at work Tito.

We had so much fun I went home and wanted to sleep the rest of the night. Tomorrow I will have more adventures for you to watch from my weekend on the water.

I hope everyone has a great day and it is summer finally. Mom loves summer so she said we are going to do some fun things outside today after work. Yesterday she kept me inside a lot because it was so hot and my tongue would not stay inside my mouth. I watched from the window as mom planted her garden and I barked and barked but she didn't let me out. O well I guess the cool house wasn't so bad either. See you guys tomorrow

                                                ~ ~ ~ BELLA~ ~ ~

Monday, June 18, 2012

The best weekend ever!!!

o my gosh I do not know where to start. I think this is going to take a week to share all my adventures from this weekend. Some were not so fun, I am still learning how to swim. Mom and Dad say I am excellent and I have the best back legs ever for kicking under water. I still  get scared you can see it in my eyes that I wish I had wings instead of good swimming legs. I have never had so many chances to relax in the sun as I had this weekend. Let me tell you warming up in the sun with a nice breeze is much better then my window at the house looking at the same thing all the time even though that place is still my favorite when mom and dad are gone.

Here is my new raft.  Mom put some extra cushion inside for me. It took a little bit not to be scared but as long as I can see mom I am okay pretty much no matter where I am. We also had my raft at home and I would check it our here and there before the big weekend so I could get used to it.
You can see daddy cooking me some food to snack on, well cooking mom and him some food but I knew dad would give me some. Then you can also see shore too in the video. It was pretty cool to have my own raft and everything.

Here is me and my dad

This is me with my boat next to my daddy's boat

I am getting a little more brave now and checking things out

Thank you all so much for reading my adventure about me and my raft. Tomorrow I will have more fun stories for you like my first marshmallow or the chair I took over and made mom sit on daddy's chair and then he had to sit on a cooler, but shhhh do not tell anyone I am spoiled.

have a great monday

                                                             ~ ~ ~BELLA~ ~ ~