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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Longtail 2014 first visit and swim of the year!!

A very special girl loves me lots... shhhh I won't say her name but it starts with a m and ends with a n :) When I heard how much she loved seeing my picture tonight I had to blog! Its been over 6 months but this was the perfect reason to say hi to everyone. I am making a little girl smile and I get to share my first time out on Longtail 2014. Many of you know its one of my favorite places, well mom and dads favorite places and as long as they keep bring me and Slade with I am happy..

So I am not sure how much I like swimming but I must admit I am pretty good at it, when my big brother is a lab I really do not have a choice so I have followed my aunties words of wisdom and just suck it up. So far I have stayed above water so that has to be a good sign. I actually swim better without my life jacket but do not try this at home always were safety gear.

After my swim all I want to do is dry off but mom tries to keep me wet so I do not get to hot. Here is me trying to dry off myself because mom was not helping one bit.

and then of course after my little cool down mom put me back in my little raft and I was happy again.

Well until next time I hope everyone enjoys the nice weather I am going to go beg for a late night walk. hopefully I can say hi again to everyone and thank you so much Morgan for being such a special little follower I hope someday you can have a Bella just like me... but only if we can be best friends. 

Ahhhhh I have to say goodbye already that went way to fast!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Meatloaf !

Finally I am on the computer... we will not talk about how much mom is on here now...

HI  Today my window was so wonderful, nice and warm and sunny out and I got to watch the icicles grow. 

I have a good story today, Slade is such a good teacher even if he does  not know he is teaching me anything. He is crazy when christmas time comes, I almost got smooshed by him this year he was so excited to open presents. I am still learning I know if I sit there long enough  mom will open them for me and then I still get the treats inside.

but last night something happen. I must admit the smell of meat started the fun for me, I wanted that meat loaf so bad...but then mom helped me grab a hold of the bag and I pulled so hard it ripped, and then ripped some more. It was so much fun

I could not decide what movie to pick so I have a few you can watch if you want to. Grandma you have to watch the Second one, I finally know how to open things I can't wait for Christmas again. 

Notice everything was going great until Dad caught me. I almost had some meatloaf so close.

mom is trying to explain that all my movies will not load so i can only show you one but will find a way to show you the other ones too.

I think I got a little to excited I didn't care was was in the bag anymore I just wanted to rip it apart. Pretty exciting night for me last night but tonight is going to be even better. Slade is coming to visit again I miss him so much. He pretends he doesn't enjoy my company but I know he misses me sniffing his ears. Someday he will fess up.

I hope I can say hi again soon!

                                     ~ ~ ~ BELLA~ ~ ~

Thursday, November 28, 2013

I am thankful to blog today and for all my friends!!!

Have to make this quick mom is rushing me once again but I had to share these fun pictures with everyone today and hopefully spread some smiles. I am thankful mom let me in the studio with slade and nala so we could play together and get some pictures. I never get to go in there because mom says I  am sassy and like to chew on all her props, well what fun would the studio be if I couldn't do that! Happy turkey day to everyone

~ ~ ~ BELLA~ ~ ~

Monday, July 29, 2013


wow so mom is terrible at letting me on the computer. I do not know why I even have a blog anymore. I told her blogging needs to be done more then once every few months... she said she will work really hard to let me on the computer more. I wanted to show some pictures from a while ago in case people forgot who I am, it has been forever!!

This is my moms favorite face of mine, she says I am smiling. I keep telling her I am just really hot

This is when I used to go to work with mom. Now mom just takes pictures so I get to lay in my sunny window every day

last year showing off my red white and blue skirt

flash back wow I was really tiny back then... well I guess I am still tiny. Darn

Me and Dad having a heart to heart talk

yes this is my ball, what would make you think it was Slade's

A day on the Bay... I love Daddy's boat

LONGTAIL ! queen of the raft

about 2 seconds after this picture mom yelled at me, I guess 4 feet up on the edge was two too many... I was a little scared to be honest but I love taking risks

that is all I have for today! just wanted to say hi again I miss all my friends hope to be back soon again

~ ~ ~ BELLA ~  ~ ~

Thursday, May 30, 2013


Ahhhhhh grrrrrrrrrrrr I am soooo mad! Mom and Dad are getting married so mom never lets me on the computer anymore, I had a talk with her and we have come to an agreement, I need to blog again!

So much to catch up on, great news my nice warm window is open for business again and I get to go outside and play in the grass with the warm weather!

Mom is so busy she created a jungle in the back yard  
Not sure what to even say it has been to long, I will just show some pictures for now and think of a good story for my visit.
 This is my moms new buddy... O no he is staring at me isn't he.

My hangout on warm sunny days watching mom and dad clean the garage

Hey! ! I am down here!! Yikes way to many plants

Well I guess that is it for now, so glad to be back... shhh don't tell anyone I was on my moms computer. I even go on facebook when she is not home.

This was me pretending to be mom.

Good night

                                                    ~ ~ ~ BELLA~ ~ ~

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Yummmmm Bacon!!!

ok so this might not be the best story but I am really nervous to talk about anything else so I need to try to take my mind off tomorrow. Mom is making me get fixed. I told her I am not broken so there is no reason to take me to the vet. I do not like the vet at all. She said she would explain to me later what getting fixed is she didn't want to scare me before the surgery.

So anyway on to happy things. I love love food. I love my chicken mini patties but human food is even better. Mom never gives me enough she only lets me taste it. She says people food is not good for dogs. I do not know what she is talking about tastes good to me. So here is a video to watch of me and my daddy's favorite food. He was making mom breakfast and thought he would give me a taste. It was so good I wanted the whole piece. I stretched it out so bad it wouldn't fit on the pan anymore to cook it.

I also wanted to say a special thank you to my Dad. He is going to bring me to the vet tomorrow. First time he as ever taken me. I do not know what I would do without my dad he plays with me everyday and I get so excited. I will admit mom gets more kisses but dad is getting pretty close to her. So I wanted to share this special video of me and my dad so he knows how much I love him even if I love mom more. Shhhh do not tell him I said that.

I will be back as soon as I am feeling better, mom said I might be sleepy after I get fixed. Wish me luck. If I can live in the wild for three days I am sure this getting fixed thing will be nothing. I have a great doctor.

                                 ~ ~ ~  BELLA ~ ~ ~

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My new best friend

I am so excited to tell everyone about my new friend Opie. Moms friend at work or I call her my second mom got him. We found him at the pound. All he wanted was for someone to love him like my mom loves me. When we first met it was love at first sight. He is perfect! He is my size and we run around and tweak out together and then we even had cuddle time. I have been trying to get cuddle time with Slade for over a year now and he just finally started to let me get close to him. Maybe it is the big brother thing and he is afraid of my koodies.

Below is a video my mom took when Opie was still at the pound.

This is the first time mom saw Opie. She wanted to take him home too but knew she couldn't so instead we found the perfect home for him and now I get visits at work here and there from Opie.

 This is our fun time at the office. It was the first time we got to meet each other. Sooooo much fun.

Mom was trying to get a picture of us both sitting, he still is learning sit.

couldn't be happier 

This is us playing with Slade's monkey. Shhhh I do not think Slade knows that mom took it to work for me to play with please do not tell my daddy or Slade.

Finally after about 2 hours of running in circles we needed a nap.

I didn't know at first if I wanted to share my moms lap but it wasn't so bad after I give in.

We even shared a smoothy together

Our next visit was Halloween. That was a fun day too. I can't wait until he comes again to visit me.
I guess I better get going. I will say hi again soon if mom ever lets me she is to busy doing work stuff. Thank you everyone for visiting me.

                         ~ ~ ~ BELLA ~ ~ ~