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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My new friends from Lucy!

Mom surprised me yesterday with new friends. I got all excited because I love to play with new friends. She explained that these guys I could not play with. I was a little sad but she told me so would make sure to find me new play mates soon so for now I have some swimming buddies for when I have my swim lessons. Speaking of swim lessons I am getting really good in the water. I have some pictures below of my friends going to their new home. They came from a 30 gallon tank and now have tons of room to swim.

Here are my new fish friends, Fred, Flo, Floppy and Fefe

I sure hope they are ok, this box was their home all day

After a good luck kiss I think it is time to release them into their new home. Thank you Lucy for my new friends

Here is my training pool for longtail and my friends new pond.

                          Thank you for reading my story today and again a special thank you Lucy for my friends

                                                            ~ ~ ~ BELLA ~ ~ ~

Friday, July 27, 2012

My big brother is finally home! I missed Slade so much. I tried to tell him that I love balls now too but he did not seem to happy now I try to play with even more toys that are his. I also have to share my daddy time with Slade too. That is no fun I want to be the center of attention again but it is a fair trade off having company all day long when I do not go to work. We pretty much sleep all day or my favorite place is in the windows. Mom has three windows I can crawl into and sunbath and people watch, I love it

mom was cleaning the bedroom last night so me and Slade were watching her. She has was eating some turkey that was so good. She gave us a few pieces. So good

Slade still won't play tug of war with me but I will never give up.
Thank you so much for coming to visit me again. Mom said she has something special planned for this weekend so we should have some great new videos next week.

                                        ~ ~ ~ BELLA ~ ~ ~

Friday, July 20, 2012

Bella and her adventures on the office desk

Ok so it has been way to long and I am sorry mom did not let me on the computer for so long. I am back finally. I get to come to work a lot more now so that is a plus. Sometimes I can be sassy but you have to have some fun right. Today they busted me on camera trying to get some pizza. The first attempt only got everyone laughing at me but the second try paid off with a pepperoni. I was able to get lucky enough to have two beds on my desk territory too so now I have room to play and sleep all above ground level, it is like my own little fort. I also found out that dancing on the keyboards is a lot of fun. I hope you enjoy my video's I will make sure I visit more often.

                                                                           ~ ~ ~BELLA~ ~ ~

Monday, July 2, 2012

Another great weekend of fun!

I know I know another long tail story. I will come up with some new adventures soon but I met some friends this weekend and always excited to share stories about friends. This video is of yet another swimming lesson. I keep telling mom that she can just carry me everywhere and that would be the best but she is not going for that idea. 

Here is a video of what happens after a swimming lesson. I just do not like being wet. I did meet a new friend that loved the water so mom really thinks that the day will come I love water too. We will see so far I love grass way better then the water.

This is a friend I met at Longtail! He was so nice and all he wanted to do was play around in the water. So mom made me watch him for a while so I could maybe pick up on a few things

Dogs and those darn balls.

This is Nala. She came all the way from Georgia to say here in Wisconsin for a while. We had a lot of fun walking in the water.

Here I am walking all by myself, water was really warm but I still missed my fuzzy warm blankets

Me and Nala hoping we get some yummy hamberger

This dog is showing off on his fancy ride. I am still getting used to mine but love it

So many people wanted to hold me and pet me and all I wanted was my mom back. Mom said it is a good idea to like all people and pets so she tries to bring me around lots of different activity's so I can get used to everything .
Finally mom made me a bed on the boat with my soft fuzzy blanket and I had a wonderful nap. Very busy day

Thank you all for coming to see me on this Monday morning. Have a great week and see you soon.

                                                               ~ ~ ~ BELLA ~ ~ ~