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Friday, March 30, 2012

The best day at work ever !!!

It was so cool, I get to come to work here and there but last Friday was the best. Frosty and Nugget got to come with me. We ran all over the place and got to try out some new treats before they are released to the public. They had our votes we all loved them. All together it was a great day I was very tired after that work day. Below is a video of our treats we got and then some photos of us around the office. I hope everyone has a great weekend. It is raining now but that is better then snow I love my backyard so much now with all the pretty grass I do not want to see snow ever again.

thanks for reading my blog.

                                    ~ ~ ~ BELLA~ ~ ~

Monday, March 26, 2012

Swimming Lessons

So I guess mom and dad have this place they go to called Longtail. It is a island in the middle of the bay. Its Slades favorite spot because he gets to catch all the balls he wants all day long. Mom told me this is where she met dad so its a special place to her. She seems to think I will like it too but in order to go mom said I need to find me a life jacket small enough or she will have to make one, and I have to learn how to swim. What the heck is swim anyway. Well I found out this weekend, mom and dad had a bet on if I could swim or not. I didn't know what was going on all of a sudden mom put me in water and my legs started this uncontrollable paddle so I could stay above the water, I guess that is what you would call swimming. My mom was very excited for me and dad was a bit surprised. I think I am going to talk them into getting me a little raft I can just sunbath on as they walk around in the water. This swim thing and me do not like each other quite yet. After the video I have some photos to enjoy also.

This is me shaking off, mom got some action shots how embarrassing

me trying to dry off

mom holding me up in the sun to get warm

this is the first day mom met Slade

This is my big brother Slade, he is obsessed with playing fetch.

I guess I have to be happy that he fetches so well because mom loved to take photos of him and that is how I got a daddy. Gotta love Slade and moms camera.
Thank you everyone for letting me share my swim lesson with you. Hopefully I will get better and can show you longtail photos this summer. Have a great monday

                                            ~ ~ ~ BELLA~ ~ ~

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My new hoodie!!

So my mom got me this hoodie so I could be all cute for a trade show she had to go to, well lets just say I could not even walk when she put it on me because it was so big. It is still kind of hard to walk now too but I try my best... shhh do not tell her I am just to little for it but I do look pretty good I must say. So I wanted to share my outfit with everyone else too. I hope everyone is having a great Tuesday and I almost forgot.

Happy Spring, mom says I am just going to love spring and summer. I also only have 40 more days until my birthday

                               ~ ~ ~BELLA ~ ~ ~

Friday, March 16, 2012

Supper!!!!! Me, Frosty, and Nugget eatting our Vital Essentials Chicken Patties

I had to show off our mad skills that dad taught us. We have to sit and wait until he says okay and then we can eat. I shake a lot because I am so excited to eat. You should see us all in the morning, we wake them up with lots of kisses and sometimes I bite moms nose and ears to get her out of bed. So here are the results of dads hard work. I hope you enjoy!!!

Here is another photo I wanted to share with you. It has been so warm out I have started doing a lot of new things. I went for some walks this week and the window gets really warm now. I am a little sad that my heat vent does not blow on me very much, but sun bathing is a fair trade off. Here is Frosty, Nugget, and me taking it easy in the window.

 us three, Frosty is in his favorite spot when the window is open, he does not let anyone else go there.

 This is Nuggets favorite spot. She loves looking out the window
 Here is me sleeping... but o so warm
Frosty sleeping, we look so much alike its weird.

Well I better go, everyone have a great weekend....

I almost forgot HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY

                                                 ~ ~ ~BELLA~ ~ ~

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Yummmm a Vital Essentials Beef Spare Rib Bone!!!!

So before mom left for her trip she let me come to work again and thought she would butter me up with a treat. I must admit I loved it but didn't change the fact I still wanted to go with her on vacation. I could have had one of these things everyday she was gone and then maybe it would have made things a little easier. I love them I can not wait for my next one. Who said little dogs couldn't have big treats I still really think I am a Great Dane and somehow they shrunk me into this little tiny one but mom insists I am 100% Chihuahua.

Thanks for watching my video everyone I will say hi again tomorrow.

                             ~ ~ ~ BELLA ~ ~ ~

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


WOW what an adventure!!! I did better then I thought with mom being gone. Grandmas house was excellent. Slade kept me company and grandma even let me sleep with her, that was the best part. It took me a few days to warm up to her but then I loved her so much I couldn't stop being her shadow. I also experienced something else that has had its ups and downs. Mom said its called going into heat which I do not understand because I am not any warmer then I was before. Whatever this so called going into heat thing is all about it sure made Slade crazy and Frosty too. Slade was so excited and gave me so many baths with his tongue he actually had to stay at grandma's for a few more days when mom came to pick me up. I miss him a lot.  I hope everything goes back to normal soon, but I am just so happy that mom and dad are home I missed them both a lot. I also got to visit Auntie so that was exciting. All and all it was not as bad as a I feared, I feel like I am growing up a little... but shhhh do not tell anyone I still like being the baby of the family. I will say hi again soon I have a video I want to share with you all this week. take care and talk to you soon.

                                          ~ ~ ~BELLA~ ~ ~