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Monday, August 13, 2012

Some news to share

Hello everyone. I wanted to share with everyone some news. I had a feeling something was weird because I have not had to much fun time with my buddies Frosty and Nugget lately. So me and mom had a talk and this is what she told me...

She let me know that we are on the search for playmates for me to play with from time to time but Frosty and Nugget have decided to go live with their dad. I was so confused because I thought my dad was their dad and I guess this was not the case. I think this is all to much for me to understand. She told me that she misses them to no end and never wanted for them to move away. She also told me she knows what is best for us and after thinking long and hard she knows in her heart that they are happy where they live now and they get spoiled everyday like I do. That made me happy because every dog needs to get spoiled.

So she told me today I could write to them and tell them my goodbye because I was never able to say goodbye to them before they left. So here goes I am so tiny and do not know how to say goodbye I am only good at saying hi and lets go play...

Dear Frosty and Nugget,
I want you both to know how much I love you. Frosty you were kind of mean to me sometimes but you showed me how to be tough and never back down and I have to thank you for that. It was your lessons that helped me keep going when I was lost. Nugget you were so fun to play with I could not have asked for a better big sister.  I miss running around in the back yard with you guys and going for walks. I promise I will always think of you both while sunbathing in the window. I wish the best of luck to you both in every adventure you should find.  Thank you for being a part of my life, you made my first year one of the best and I will never forget all the memories.
Love Bella

Mom wanted to say a little something to I guess, this is only the second time she has wanted to write on my blog so it must be important.

To all of Bella’s blog friends and followers,
I have always wanted to include Frosty, Nugget, and Slade in Bella’s blog because they are part of her life too. I did not want people to start noticing that there were no photos or stories with Frosty and Nugget anymore without explaining what happen.  Frosty and Nugget were a part of my life for 9 + years and they were my whole world. I would have done anything to make sure that their everyday was worry free and full of fun. Then my life changed last year when there dad and I went our own ways.    We tried to share them every other week and it worked out for so long and then there were issues that came up. I had only Frosty and Nugget in mind and made the best choice I could so that they would live out the rest of their lives in happiness.  I have no doubt in my mind that they have smiles on their faces and tails are a wagging every day.  
A special message for Frosty and Nugget… you are in my thoughts every day and will always be on my mind. I want to thank you for giving me a smile every day I was able to wake up and see your happy faces looking at me and I will never forget your wonderful greetings every day  when I would come home from work.  You added so much meaning to my life and would never trade a second of the time we have spent together for anything.  There is a special place in my heart that will be for only you guys and it will be yours forever.  

I asked mom if I could share some of my favorite photos of us and she said that would be a great idea. So here are some pictures for everyone to look at. Thank you for reading my blog today it means so much to have friends like all of you.

This is us at work when we all got to come at one time. Best day ever we had so much fun!

Us three checking out moms new couch, she picked it out just so we could have our own spots on top and be eye level with her.

a fun day in the sun, we are so spoiled we get blankets outside.

Frosty and Nugget looking good as ever. The showed me how to look pretty for pictures, or shared the secret if I look good I will get treats.

our favorite spot ever!

us saying goodbye to mom for the day, we always were so excited for her to come home.

Another special thank you to Frosty and Nugget for being in my life. You will never be forgotten.
 Thank you everyone for reading my blog today. Mom told me that if I am ever sad just remember that everything happens for a reason and mom knows best so I will trust her on this one. She gives me the best life ever and I could not be more happy to have My mom and dad and big brother Slade. They make me smile everyday. Thank you daddy for changing moms life you have made me the perfect family. 

                                ~ ~ ~ Bella ~ ~ ~