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Friday, June 22, 2012

Me and My Buddy Slade Having Fun at Longtail!!

This was my first time on Longtail with my best buddy Slade. I was expecting him to show me around and be my tour guide and that is not what happen. Him and his stupid ball. I mean I have toys too that I love but Slade loves that ball more then me I think. How is that possible. O well I went around and explored the island myself with mom watching me very closely. She watches me a bit to much now after I was lost for three days. I also found this cool thing on the beach, mom said it was a carp. I wanted to check it out more but mom only let me sniff a little then I had to move on.

I guess that is about if for this video but I have many more to still share with you. Have a great weekend. I am headed up north to go visit grandpa and grandma at the cabin.

                                       ~ ~ ~ BELLA~ ~ ~

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

One of my best days at work yet.

 Ok so I know I was going to show you more adventures of my favorite weekend ever but I had to share this story...

I finally got to play with Tito. He comes to work a lot but usually stays up front in his basket and just sleeps all day. Yesterday we ran around and chased my ball and then I chased him. I could not catch him but he has long legs so once I grow more I will be way faster. O wait mom told me I am not growing anymore, now how will I ever catch him. I will have to outsmart him.

Here is my new friend at work Tito.

We had so much fun I went home and wanted to sleep the rest of the night. Tomorrow I will have more adventures for you to watch from my weekend on the water.

I hope everyone has a great day and it is summer finally. Mom loves summer so she said we are going to do some fun things outside today after work. Yesterday she kept me inside a lot because it was so hot and my tongue would not stay inside my mouth. I watched from the window as mom planted her garden and I barked and barked but she didn't let me out. O well I guess the cool house wasn't so bad either. See you guys tomorrow

                                                ~ ~ ~ BELLA~ ~ ~

Monday, June 18, 2012

The best weekend ever!!!

o my gosh I do not know where to start. I think this is going to take a week to share all my adventures from this weekend. Some were not so fun, I am still learning how to swim. Mom and Dad say I am excellent and I have the best back legs ever for kicking under water. I still  get scared you can see it in my eyes that I wish I had wings instead of good swimming legs. I have never had so many chances to relax in the sun as I had this weekend. Let me tell you warming up in the sun with a nice breeze is much better then my window at the house looking at the same thing all the time even though that place is still my favorite when mom and dad are gone.

Here is my new raft.  Mom put some extra cushion inside for me. It took a little bit not to be scared but as long as I can see mom I am okay pretty much no matter where I am. We also had my raft at home and I would check it our here and there before the big weekend so I could get used to it.
You can see daddy cooking me some food to snack on, well cooking mom and him some food but I knew dad would give me some. Then you can also see shore too in the video. It was pretty cool to have my own raft and everything.

Here is me and my dad

This is me with my boat next to my daddy's boat

I am getting a little more brave now and checking things out

Thank you all so much for reading my adventure about me and my raft. Tomorrow I will have more fun stories for you like my first marshmallow or the chair I took over and made mom sit on daddy's chair and then he had to sit on a cooler, but shhhh do not tell anyone I am spoiled.

have a great monday

                                                             ~ ~ ~BELLA~ ~ ~

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I am back!!!!!! Safe and sound!!!!

I can't believe mom thought she could write on my blog. I mean yeah so I was gone a few days but she is crazy to think I was not going to find her. I would have walked and walked until I found my mom and dad again. So I suppose everyone is wondering how my adventure went. Mom wishes she had a little video camera on me so she knew what I all was up to on my adventure. No one will really know all the details but I can share some :)

Below is the map. The letter A is where the Howard vet is, I do not like vets they either give me shots or take all my teeth out so I knew I had to go away from that place. The white line is about where I went, I will never tell all my secrets. The red outlining is where mom said everyone was looking for me. She said over 20 people came to help look for me and called my name over and over. I think I must have been to far into my mission to get home to listen to anything at the time.

I found some puddles along the way because I was good and dirty by the time I made it into the parking lot. I must be pretty lucky because they are working on the building that I found near by and the construction worker reported me to the cops. Imagine that I am not even a year and a half old and I am getting the cops called on me. What do ya know little bit later this very nice and wonderful Police officer named Mark found me in the parking lot and kept me company in his police car. I took a nap and then he woke me up. I was like really I have been on the run for three days and you can't even let me sleep, but then Mark handed me over to another person, it took me like 0.004 seconds to realize it was mom and dad. I was so tired but still could not control my excitement. Finally all my hard work paid off. I was taken home in the big blue dodge truck. I got pretty wiggly after we got out of the truck I knew I was home. I ran inside and went right for my water bowl, o how I missed my water. Then daddy got my food ready because he always loves feeding me. That was one of the best meals ever. Next Auntie Charity and mom started picking all these tick things off from me. I did not like that some of them took my fur with them but I felt better after most of them were gone. Then to top off the night as if I did not have enough excitement already I got a bath so all the dirt would wash away and the rest of the bugs came off and I was back to being white again. Here is my videos from my first meal after my adventure.

Well I guess that is about it for now I need another nap. I wanted to say thank you for praying for me I still am so happy I was lucky enough to have people report me so mom could find me again. Without everyone telling her not to give up I think my mom would have been lost and if we both are lost that is never a good idea. Thank you again.

I also heard the good news, mom is taking me to long tail this weekend for a over night sleep over. We are going to hang out in the sun all day then watch the stars at night. Mom is even going to get me a little raft all of my own so I can just sunbath all day. I can not wait to show you these photos and videos, is it the weekend yet.

Talk to everyone soon

now some sad news. I just found out I have to go to the vet, mom wants to get me checked out and make sure I am doing ok, I told her I am perfect I have my soft fuzzy blankets and my mom and dad back but that was not good enough. wish me luck.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A message from my mom

For the first time I am speaking on Bella's Blog. My name is Chassey and I am her owner. She was over at a friends house Saturday for a few hours because I was out of town and needed someone to make sure she had supper and breakfast. She was outside playing in the back yard when she must have found a spot in the chain link fence she could fit though. I think she was scared and was looking for me. I got there as fast as I could and we looked all over for her. We had groups of people the next two days doing searches for her and even had Slade her best buddy trying to find her. I am beside myself on what could have happen. It was like no matter how loud I yelled her name nothing happen. Every piece of white paper in the distance got people excited thinking they had found her. For such a tiny creature she had many things against her last weekend. The weather was extremely hot. Being so small she would also get sick if her sugars got to high or low. I also fear that someone might have stolen her or a hawk or something could have been the reason she seemed to vanish so fast. There is a part of me that I have lost that I will never get back unless someday I am lucky enough to see her smiling face. Bella meant the world to me as I am sure all Bella's Facebook fans pets mean to them. Please give them that extra kiss tonight and treasure every second you have with your pet and with your family even if they are not the furry kind. Life has it moments you question and this will be one I will always question. What if I had not left for the weekend, or why did I not bring her with. I know I have to stop asking myself this because life has to many what if's. Thinking back to every moment I was able to share with Bella I would not trade one second of it no matter what was being offered. I found her in Chicago and was going though a really hard part of my life and she was my inspiration to stay strong and always keep taking steps forward and never go back. As much as I have wanted to crawl into a little hole and shut my mind off completely after this weekend I know that I must stay strong like I was when I first brought her home. I will always wonder where she is or what happen to her and I will never stop wishing that someday she shows up. Until that day comes or from this day forward I still want to keep her blog going. The first day she was missing I could not even come on here because I would just fall apart. It still is hard and makes me cry the second I see her sweet face or watch one of the many videos we made. That is why I will use this page to talk to her on days I miss her. I hope by doing this it helps me realize that you must keep going no matter how extreme the pain and sadness is. Also if anyone else out there has lost a loved one it is always good to know there is someone out there to relate to.

A special message to my Lil Bella...
I want you to know I never meant for you to ever be in harm. I surrounded you with soft fuzzy things and watched you every second you were not in my arms. Your little body all curled up next to me on my pillow will be forever missed. You were everything I ever could have dreamed of and you came at the perfect time of my life. I hope you will forgive me for not keeping you safe forever, losing you has been one of my hardest challenges in life. There will never be a day that goes by that me and daddy do not miss you, we do not know how to function right now without your little jingles and happy prances around the kitchen waiting for your next chance at some food. Bella you gave me something that is priceless and can never be taken away. I will forever have a piece of me that is missing and a special part of my heart that is only for you.

until next time that I come say hi to you Bella just know your always on my mind and in my heart.

Your Mom

Also I wanted to say a special thank you to everyone on Facebook and in my life that helped try to find Bella and gave me moral support. Some people I did not even know that well and they were willing to do whatever they could to help. It is people like this that makes this world a better place and it takes an experience like this to realize that there are people out there who are amazing.

One last thing to the person that was watching Bella that day. I do not want you to ask yourself any questions about what happen that day. The past can never be changed we just have to keep moving forward with what the future brings us. This coming from the person that asks myself about every 10 min what if I would have... But I know it only makes the pain worse and if your feeling even a portion of what I am feeling I want the pain to go away for you also. I know it will take time and the wonder of what actually happen will never go away but true friends are to hard to come by to let anything like this ever effect our friendship. I know you would have done anything for Bella. I used to believe the saying everything happens for a reason. Well right about now I am not liking that to much so here is another one.

Do not cry because it is over but smile because it happen.

I would never trade a second I had with Bella and consider myself the luckiest person that I was able to have her the time I did.

Thank you everyone for your time and for being a part of our lives.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pedicure time

So mom was doing her nails the other day. She was painting cherries on her toes so I told her I wanted some too. Well I guess my toes are to small to paint designs on and she said that I am her little wild one that doesn't need to look all cute and pretty all the time. I did not agree with her so I started doing my own nails. Everything was going great until I started to try to eat the nail file instead of doing my nails. I guess that is not part of the deal when doing your nails, how was I supposed to know it was my first time. So now my front nails are half done and my back never got touched. O well I tried maybe next time I can do it right.

I have one more swimming lesson to show you guys soon, mom said I have great kickers and that she thinks I will do great as a swimmer.

                                        ~ ~ ~ BELLA~ ~ ~