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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I got to meet Hank!!!

Mom finally showed me what was always swimming around in this huge thing that I am to short to see. She lifted me up and there was this super scary zebra looking thing. She told me it was ok that it can not hurt me so I felt better then. So I wanted to share Hank with everyone else because after I knew he couldn't hurt me he was pretty cool.

Now I must say goodbye for a few days. My mom is leaving to go to Mexico without me. I tried telling her that is where I came from so she must bring me along. She didn't go for that, just told me I cam from Chicago but nice try. I am so sad I do not want her to go. I can tell she is a little worried too, we have never been apart this long. I am going to hang out with Slade and my grandma and grandpa so that should be fun. My mom has some bones for me and some kongs with peanut butter so I am excited for those. I might also have a sleep over with my auntie Charity and she lets me sleep in my favorite spot so that is exciting. I still am going to try once more to crawl inside moms luggage but If that doesn't work off to grandma's I go. Wish me luck and I will for sure tell you how it went when mom gets back.

~ ~ ~ BELLA~ ~ ~

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My visit from Charlie!!!

we had a pretty eventful weekend. It was quite crazy at times actually. I did so much stuff. Saturday I went and watched some ice boats, well pretty much just took naps in my moms jacket but sometimes I would wake up and want to know what was going on. O and then mom was having a hot dog, I went crazy then I wanted some so bad. This is a family picture of us on the ice, well kind of its missing Frosty and Nugget but they do not like going outside in the cold as much as me and Slade was busy being sassy peeing on tires so he wasn't around when the picture was taken.

Then I got home to my surprise the weekend visitor was there, his name is Charlie. It was fun most of the time sometimes it was a bit crazy. Charlie even escaped from the back yard and mom had to call for him for what seemed like hours, but dad kept me company in bed until Charlie was safe and sound inside once again. This is a picture of me and Charlie.

and this is me checking out his fort he brought with him to play in. I think I am the only one that wanted to play in it, but that is ok I am used to playing alone sometimes.

I guess that is about if for now, mom is telling me my time is up for the day. I will be back tomorrow I have another video I want to share.

~ ~ ~BELLA ~ ~ ~

Friday, February 24, 2012

Shower Time... not so fun

So mom says I need showers I tell her I am pretty as can be what is water in my face going to do to change that. She insists its just something I have to do to stay fresh and clean. So this last time the shower was even longer because mom had to take pictures of me. I mean really bringing the camera in the shower... only my mom. So these photos I am not to proud of but still had to share with everyone. I hope you all have a great weekend. I am excited to spend the whole weekend with Frosty, Nugget, and Slade. Saturday we even have a visitor coming named Charlie. I can not wait I love new friends. My mom is leaving in 6 days for vacation, I am so sad and scared to be without her I am trying to think really hard not to think about it. Talk to you all next week.

~ ~ ~BELLA~ ~ ~

this is me after the shower, I was wet and cold so I had to go visit my heat vent, best place in the house except moms shoulder.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Picture Time!

So now that we all get along much better mom wanted to take a group picture of us, Slade couldn't fit on the couch however so he will have to get in next time. It was really dark so most of the pictures turned out blurry... hee hee I thought that was kind of funny, and when mom tried to use the flash we all turned in to little devils with our red eyes, except Nuggets turned blue. I will have to tell her to get a better one with Slade too, this one is not frame worthy, I have much better days then this :)

~ ~ ~ BELLA ~ ~ ~

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Treat Time with Frosty, Nugget, and Slade

Mom wanted to get all of us in the same video for a special Lucy Lu and her request to see her special friends Frosty and Nugget so we all got treats in the kitchen last night. Mom tried to have frosty sit pretty or stand up because that is what he does best but once the camera came out he did nothing, I of course sat perfect because I am a rock star when it comes to sitting on command now :) and Nugget did what she thinks is a ballerina twirl but she just doesn't get up on her hind legs like she used to. I was laughing at her when she was doing her trick. Slade was lucky he didn't have to do anything he just got the treat right away. Over all it was great fun, I think the kitchen is turning into my new favorite spot.

                                      ~ ~ ~BELLA~ ~ ~

Monday, February 20, 2012

My Official first photo shoot with my moms new lights!!

All I can say is holy bright but well worth the Nibblets that she was bribing me with. It was pretty easy all I had to do was sit there and look pretty, well no problem there. She put a few things on me that tickled and I wasn't a fan but I learned really quick the longer I stayed the more treats I got. I guess there is another one planned soon with Slade and then also Frosty and Nugget are going to get into the fun too. I can not wait to see how that goes. I hope you like all my pictures. Let me know what one is your favorite.

me looking tough

this one tickled

~ ~ ~BELLA~ ~ ~

Friday, February 17, 2012

I am back!!!!

Gezzz mom sure gets busy sometimes and that stinks for me, I have so many fun stories to share and then it takes forever before I can share them and now I think I forgot. I will have to make sure she knows how important it is I get to say hi to my friends. I wanted to share the exciting news that I am learning a lot or what my dad would say... becoming a real dog, whatever that means. So now I wait as my ears tremble staring at my chicken patty until dad says ok then I know I can eat. Sometimes it seems like forever until he says the magic word. I will have to show off those skills next week with video. Today I wanted to show you that my mom said I was studio ready!!!! I guess I never sat still very good so it was always hard for her to take photos of me in her basement studio but her and dad have been working hard teaching me how to sit and stay. So she got her first photo of me that she has wanted since day one. I guess this is just practice and then next one will be downstairs which I am excited for because I never am allowed down there. She says I get in to much trouble looking for dust bunnies. I can't wait to share the next set of photos, at first I thought mom was crazy for taking so many pictures but I am used to it now. Everyone have a great weekend and it was so nice to finally say hi again I missed you all so much. A special hello to my internet boyfriend Pip and the man I look up to even though he doesn't even know it Seven Doberman.

~ ~ ~BELLA ~ ~ ~

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Another wonderful day at work with my mom

Ahhhh this is the life, I have all my favorite toys at home in from of my favorite heater vent in the bedroom. Now mom makes me happy at work too with my very own heater. Thank you so much mom for letting me always be toasty warm.

~ ~ ~ BELLA ~ ~ ~