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Thursday, November 28, 2013

I am thankful to blog today and for all my friends!!!

Have to make this quick mom is rushing me once again but I had to share these fun pictures with everyone today and hopefully spread some smiles. I am thankful mom let me in the studio with slade and nala so we could play together and get some pictures. I never get to go in there because mom says I  am sassy and like to chew on all her props, well what fun would the studio be if I couldn't do that! Happy turkey day to everyone

~ ~ ~ BELLA~ ~ ~

Monday, July 29, 2013


wow so mom is terrible at letting me on the computer. I do not know why I even have a blog anymore. I told her blogging needs to be done more then once every few months... she said she will work really hard to let me on the computer more. I wanted to show some pictures from a while ago in case people forgot who I am, it has been forever!!

This is my moms favorite face of mine, she says I am smiling. I keep telling her I am just really hot

This is when I used to go to work with mom. Now mom just takes pictures so I get to lay in my sunny window every day

last year showing off my red white and blue skirt

flash back wow I was really tiny back then... well I guess I am still tiny. Darn

Me and Dad having a heart to heart talk

yes this is my ball, what would make you think it was Slade's

A day on the Bay... I love Daddy's boat

LONGTAIL ! queen of the raft

about 2 seconds after this picture mom yelled at me, I guess 4 feet up on the edge was two too many... I was a little scared to be honest but I love taking risks

that is all I have for today! just wanted to say hi again I miss all my friends hope to be back soon again

~ ~ ~ BELLA ~  ~ ~

Thursday, May 30, 2013


Ahhhhhh grrrrrrrrrrrr I am soooo mad! Mom and Dad are getting married so mom never lets me on the computer anymore, I had a talk with her and we have come to an agreement, I need to blog again!

So much to catch up on, great news my nice warm window is open for business again and I get to go outside and play in the grass with the warm weather!

Mom is so busy she created a jungle in the back yard  
Not sure what to even say it has been to long, I will just show some pictures for now and think of a good story for my visit.
 This is my moms new buddy... O no he is staring at me isn't he.

My hangout on warm sunny days watching mom and dad clean the garage

Hey! ! I am down here!! Yikes way to many plants

Well I guess that is it for now, so glad to be back... shhh don't tell anyone I was on my moms computer. I even go on facebook when she is not home.

This was me pretending to be mom.

Good night

                                                    ~ ~ ~ BELLA~ ~ ~