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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bella making her bed

So mom thought it was funny that I started digging a hole to china, or at least that is what she says I am doing. I had to have everything just right before I could take my nap. Mom searched long and hard for her new couch just so we could sleep on top if it. Well her plan worked out great because I feel so special when I can be eye level with her and dad and there are so many cozy places to sleep. Nugget has her two favorite spots and sometimes I try to steal them but last night I made my own perfect bed. It took a min and 50 seconds from start to finish but mom shortened up the video for you so you did not have to watch the whole thing. It takes a lot of work to make the perfect sleeping nest.

This is me finally content and happy taking my nap. I almost didn't want to get up and go to bed when mom woke me up but I would much rather finish off the night in a cozy bed then the couch

This is Frosty's favorite spot he always tries to be on moms lap. Sometimes we fight over it but she tries to make us share as much as possible. Sometimes we all get to share this spot but its sort of crowded then.

here is Nugget's favorite spot, this is the one I like to steal from her she always has the perfect nest already made that I fit into just right.
Thank you so much for coming to say hi. pretty soon mom said we get to go to long tail and shoot some exciting videos I can not wait to share those. Have a wonderful Wednesday

                                                      ~ ~ ~ BELLA ~ ~ ~

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Fun with Nugget

This weekend was a lot of fun. It was really really hot Saturday so I finally got to see what it was like to spend the day outside in 90 degree temps. Finally after we got to hot outside mom took us inside and turned on the air. This is Nugget and me playing on the couch. Frosty is still not to sure about playing with me, I can get him to play here and there on good days.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My 1 year old birthday photo shoot.!!!

Finally... I thought mom would never get these done. My birthday was last Sunday and she finally did my birthday shoot on the following Friday. So now it is my time to share with you. It was kind of nice that it all didn't happen on my birthday because I got ice cream for my pictures so it was like two celebrations. I hope there are not too many photos. I could not decide what one to pick so I posted all my favorite ones

So mom never gives me people food that is daddy's job. It took me forever to actually take a lick from the ice cream because something just seems wrong, I felt like I was being sassy if I did. Finally when mom put some beef nibblets on the ice cream I gave it a try.

Here is me going for the nibblet and not the ice cream. Little did I know how good the ice cream actually was.

thinking about it here

here we go finally my first lick of ice cream. It was so good

I kept making my cone fall over every time I tried to eat some more

Finally mom just let me eat it when it was on it's side so this way it could not fall over anymore. much better

O yes mom had fun dressing me up too. It was a great time

so mom tried to get me a new coat even though its almost summer. Once again it did not fit because I am too small. I think finally she will give up on trying to get me outfits because they never fit.

so much fur in my face get this thing off me

I did however like my tutu
Then mom made me share the rest of my ice cream with Slade, Frosty, and Nugget. This was a fun time too

holy cow I think his tongue is bigger then me.

when we all wanted some at the same time this did not work so great

Bad Slade. He kept trying to eat the cone. Mom said the rules were you had to only lick

much better

so funny I laughed for hours after this shot was taken

I think Slade liked the ice cream the most

and there goes the fun, Slade wanted the last bite I guess
Well that pretty much wraps up my birthday. Thank you everyone for sharing and being a part of my special day.

                                      ~ ~ ~ BELLA~ ~ ~

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fun on my birthday with Slade, Daddy and Mom

My birthday was filled with fun moments and then not so fun but mom told me it was all a part of growing up. First we went for a walk. It was really hard to walk because there were to many cracks and I had to be careful not to fall in. Once we got to the water I got excited so many things to smell and see. Slade loved it because he got to play with his best friend the ball. Someday I hope he likes me half as much as he likes his tennis ball.

This is Slade and me waiting for dad to come back

All ready to go for our walk!

see look at these cracks! I could break a leg, what was mom thinking

walking on the grass was much funner
I was not so sure about getting dirty, I like being pretty and nice and white

o so many smells
so mom didn't think I was enjoying the mud enough so she put me down by the water

mom says every girl has to get dirty once in a while to have a good time

I tried to shake off all the mud but it did nothing

yup not to sure about this mud

finally a clean patch of grass
I am out of here I am going to run until I reach a spot with no mud
Damn. Dad found me I was not fast enough
Slade was not helping he was making everything even more sloppy
Me and mom finally made a deal. If I let her get me dirty then she would take me home for a birthday snack. I could not believe I was letting her do this.
o my gosh what just happen. Look at me I am a mess. Ok so it was actually kind of fun  being one with nature but do not tell mom that I kind of liked it
all dry in the truck waiting for Slade to dry off. What an adventure
on the way home me and Slade enjoyed some fresh air.
I love new things that mom makes me do. Sometimes I am scared but after I do them I am always happy. Later that night I got a special photo session for my birthday with some ice cream! I will have to wait to show you those photos tomorrow. Thank you everyone for sharing in my special day

                                     ~ ~ ~ BELLA~ ~ ~