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Friday, April 27, 2012

I survived the vet!!!!

well even though yesterday was not a very fun day for me I am doing great now and feel much better. My mom was so excited to see me she said she signed all the paperwork super fast just so I could be in her arms again. I got to hang out with her at work after all I think. I must have because she has pictures of me at work but I was pretty sleepy. I even met Tito yesterday, who is a very nice Chihuahua that comes to work with Jessica once in a while. I wanted to be nice and say hi and play but was way to tired so I gave him a sniff here and there and then crawled back into my ball to take a nap. Now I have my birthday to look forward to on Sunday I am so excited.

This is me once we got back to mom's work. I was pretty out of it but still much happier with mom then at the vet

this is the life

These are all my teeth. I wonder if there is a tooth fairy for dogs
all the red marks are teeth that were babies yet and had to come out. The black marks are teeth I am still missing that will not be coming in. Figure that one out I have 20 extra teeth and now I have less teeth then I am supposed to.
 Well I guess that is about it for today. Thank you for everyone's love and support it helped so much and made me brave to do this. ok so really I had no choice mom said I had to do it no matter what but having friends out there thinking about you is a great feeling. Everyone have a wonderful weekend next time I talk to everyone I will be one whole year old

                                      ~ ~ ~BELLA~ ~ ~

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Today is the day!!!

Well last night Daddy gave me a special late night snack when Slade gets is. I was so excited, usually I just get a kibble and maybe two if Slade is messy and pushes some out of the bowl and under the stove, only I can reach them there. Then this morning is when it all started to go wrong. I got locked in the bedroom during breakfast so I was not able to have any of my chicken or Slade's kibbles. Then when mom left for work Slade got a treat but I did not, next thing you know I am in her truck. So I figure ok whatever at least I get to go to work with mom all day. That is not the case, here I sit at this place they call the vet. Mom can not come and get me until after 3 pm today. I have no stuffed animals and no blankets I am so scared. I wanted to show everyone that has been my friend my wonderful dinner so I thought, and my morning so far. I will be back tomorrow to let everyone know how it went. Thanks again for being my friends

Here is a picture of my shark mouth

my video will not upload so maybe next time I can show you

waiting for mom to put gas in the truck

one last picture of me and mom before I go into the creepy place

yup this would be the place that is on the bottom of my list for places I want to visit

Get me out of here, I will jump I see the door I am going to make a run for it.
ok so I guess I am not that brave to jump off, that was pretty high. After some papers were signed and a kiss goodbye I was off. I will keep everyone posted. Thank you again for your support and good luck wishes.

                                                   ~ ~ ~ BELLA ~ ~ ~

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Wish me luck!!!

so I am so super scared. Mom took me to the place that gives me the creeps. They always poke me with sharp things and try to stick fingers in my mouth. I do not understand what is going on. Mom told me I have to many teeth and they have to get taken out. So she saved her pennies and the big day is Thursday. I told her I can wait a year or two no big hurry. She didn't like that idea. She told me this was my birthday present and my birthday is Sunday so I guess she waited as long as she could. I will be getting dropped off Thursday at 7 am and then get picked up after mom gets done with work. Please everyone think of me that day I hope everything goes ok. Mom is a little worried but keeps telling me everything will be ok. She also slipped in there that I can not have any breakfast Thursday morning, how unfair is that. Well in case I do not say hi tomorrow I will let you know how things went Friday morning. Thank you all for being my friends.
                                                        ~ ~ ~BELLA~ ~ ~

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Fun with flowers!!

I got to meet some dandelions today. So many of them all over but they did not smell good. Its always fun at work with mom, favorite part of the day are the potty breaks because I get to play in the grass and get treats.

meeting with the dandelions

trying to smell them but they did not smell good at all

I think I need sunglasses

yummmmm mom just gave me a beef liver treat

It is my lucky day, I got another treat

hanging out in the boss's office

So I learned a new game today. It was called hide the tripe treat in the tulip and then I have to find it

so close... I can smell it

eventually I did find the treat but that was a hard game. I am better at the sit and stay then feed me but mom says I have to learn everything there is out there to learn. 

I guess that is it for today, I will try to come up with a good video to show off soon it has been a while. Everyone have a great Thursday and take some time to smell the flowers, but leave the dandys alone they only look good.

                                              ~ ~ ~ BELLA ~ ~ ~

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Swim lesson number 1

Well it happened... I do not quite know what to say about it yet. I was scared but mom kept telling me it would be okay and gave me treats to feel better. I swimmed as fast as I could but was still pretty scared. Mom even had part of the tub where I could touch bottom but still wanted to get out asap. Then my life jacket wanted to come off because I was swimming so fast and I started to go under. That was the worst, but mom picked me up right away and made sure I was okay. So I thought I was done but then she put me back in without my jacket and I actually did pretty good still. Took a lot out of me and I was ready for a nice warm blanket and some cuddle time after that. Mom spoiled me for the rest of the night so I guess it was all worth it. I still do not know if I will like this place called longtail as must as mom but I love going everywhere with her so I know I have to try hard to learn how to swim. Mom is also teaching me how to stand and then she talks about dancing, whatever that is. So much to learn.

this is my... please mom lets not do this look... but it did not work

Ok just got a pep talk I think I am ready... lets do this

yeah not so happy

getting better now that I am all dry

here is my... I made it look... and I want another treat please that was a lot of work. It wasn't so bad now that I think about it. we will see how next time goes. First mom has to fix my jacket so it fits me better, I am just to tiny.
Thank you so much for sharing in this experience with me. It means a lot to have people read my blog. Also a special thank you to my daddy because he means the world to me even if I am glued to mom sometimes I hope he knows I love him just as much, even more then mom when he gives me people food.

                                            ~ ~ ~ BELLA ~ ~ ~

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My new friend Benson!

So this is my friend Benson. I didn't want to play to much with him at first, I think I was scared but lets not tell anyone. I pretended to be bigger then him and I think I actually scared him lol so that part was fun. Mom put him in her basement studio and that made me a little jealous I had to stay upstairs and could not even watch.

Here is Benson next to one of moms eggs. We do not come from eggs do we?

ha ha this one makes me laugh

mom loves this photo, thinks he is super cute, she better not ever think he is more cute then me

mom was trying so hard to get him to sit and stay in one spot for even a second, he didn't listen very good

see look mom I can sit really good, now where is my Nibblet!

ok so I guess if Benson was my type I would think this picture was a little cute. I have to many boyfriends as it is now. Pip do not worry you are my only internet boyfriend

this is us trying to play.

This is all for today. Please come back tomorrow for my swimming adventure, mom says tonight is the night we fill up the bathtub for my first swim with my new jacket.Please wish me luck I am so scared. Mom said she would make sure the water is warm but I am still scared.

                                                   ~ ~ ~ BELLA~ ~ ~

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My new life jacket!!!

So... um.... I guess mom was not kidding when she told me she was going to get a life jacket for me. She got a pink one at first but I drowned in that one. Try two got me this lime green one. I do not know if I should be excited or scared yet but so far I just have to wear it around the house here and there. Mom says I must make nice with the life jacket and love the jacket. She also keeps telling me I am going swimming in the bathtub. This I am not looking forward to. Wish me luck! Besides trying on my new life jacket I met a new friend this weekend, his name was Benson. Still do not know how much I liked him, we tried to play. I will show you those pictures tomorrow. Have a great night and thanks for coming to read again.

                                          ~ ~ ~BELLA~ ~ ~

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring is here time for some more fun

I wanted to go back in time again to when mom was sneaky and got me into a golf outing. Mom only had me for a few weeks at this time so it was hard for her to leave me anywhere except in her front pocket. I loved those days. Now I am going to be 1 years old in 25 days. Where does the time go. Here are some pictures of my fun day at the golf course. Dad loves to golf too so maybe someday I will get to go again.

This is when I had to wait in the car for the first 30 min,  then once the golfers started she came to my rescue.

I was so excited to be outside playing

Now its nap time it was getting warm and I was getting sleepy

my blanket and me. life can not get any better :)

So mom thought it would be funny to put me in this hole, how embarrassing. Still pretty funny now that I look at it

Thank you for looking. I will post more videos soon

                                                             ~ ~ ~BELLA~ ~ ~