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Friday, October 12, 2012

Some of my two favorite things

Today I wanted to share two of my favorite things. I love my window. I have two one in the bedroom and one in the living room and I get sun all day long.

 And I love pizza!!!!! I only get to taste it but it smells so so good.
Sorry so short and sweet but wanted to make sure I at least got to say hi today I told mom it was a must do. Thank you guys. xoxo

                                                    ~ ~ ~ Bella ~ ~ ~

Thursday, October 11, 2012

I am back!!!!


See how happy I am! I do not even know why I have been missing in action lately I hope all my friends forgive me. I will blame it on mom for not letting me use the computer. Here I am now and I am ready to say hi more often. I have so much to share where do I start.

I guess for today I will keep it short. Mom is trying to teach me how to sit pretty but does not know what command word to use and I get confused because first she tells me to sit then up. I thought I only had to do one trick for my treat. ... check out my new collar too :)

Ooooo speaking of trick or treat here is my Halloween costume. What do you think?

 So these people must not know that I have ears so when I have my horns on my ears do not know where to go.
Yup much happier with my horns off. I love my little tail who would have ever thought I could have two tails.

Ok my last exciting news is mom discovered Instagram. This means she takes way more pictures of me now but that is ok... just means more treats for me. Here are some pictures to enjoy.

 um... yeah I do not know why mom put me on the stove next to a pineapple, I was a little scared but still put on my cute face.
 This is my new collar which is nice and lose and my first one with no bell!!!! I can finally sneak around a little bit easier now. Mom calls it my relax collar for at home. The other collar is my moms first dog Moose. Boy o boy am I glad Slade is not that big.
 This is my best friend at work his name is Tito. He finally jumps up on the desk and we have fun together.
 Here is my newest collar custom made to fit me perfect and some little bling bling because mom said I am extra special to her and life would not be the same without me.
 And here are the pumpkins mom made for use. She carved our names a few months ago and then it scars the pumpkin whatever that means.

Well I better get going thank you all for letting me come back after my way long vacation from my blog. Talk to you tomorrow!

                                                      ~ ~ ~ BELLA ~ ~ ~