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Monday, January 30, 2012

Bella trying to blend in

So this weekend was quite eventful I must say, but today mom is pretty busy using the computer so my time is limited. I am going to stick with a photo for the day and then release some of my videos later in the week. My moms best buddy got me this sweater and I love it so much, but I never knew mom loved zebra as well. One day we both wore our zebra and you could not even see me. I tried to be really quite and pretend I was invisible but daddy still found me and would pet me, so being found wasn't so bad either.

Great news!!!! Today I am home alone just me and Slade and she left me outside of my crate so I can roam the house all day. I hope I do not find any trouble.

~ ~ ~ BELLA ~ ~ ~

Friday, January 27, 2012

Miss Bella and the Pea

So I started to beg a lot lately. Mom always had strict rules that I could never have people food, but Frosty and Nugget got some so that made me very sad, something about them being grandfathered in. So one day I gave dad my most cutest sweetest please give me a bite eyes and it worked!!! So now mom gives Frosty and Nugget some tid bits of her food here and there and whenever she does dad sneaks me some too. This thing called a pea I am not so sure of thou. Frosty and Nugget ate there's right away and I had a hard time figuring it out. My mom says peas are the devil but after about 5 min of playing with it and slowly eating it I think she is wrong because I still seem OK and I ate the whole thing. So that is my story about my first pea. Hopefully I will be able to try out some more new things this weekend. I wish everyone a great weekend and I will be back to chat on Monday.

I wanted to say a special shout out to my newest follower Lucy. Hi Lucy I also wanted to let you know I will have to talk to Frosting and NuGGet and see if they will be in a video too so you can see them again its been a long time. bye bye for now

~ ~ ~ BELLA~ ~ ~

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bella 0... the tripe bag 4

So mom thought it would be funny to see if I could get into the Vital Essentials tripe bag of Nibblets because I have mastered garbage bags and paper bags when she is not looking. Well lets just say this was not so fun. I could smell them and I wanted in so bad, they are my favorite treats besides my peanut butter kong :) so finally after mom laughed at me a little bit they were nice enough to let me have something for all my hard work and frustration.
Nothing like a good snack after a hard day at work.

There are a few more videos if I have time later I will post some more. thanks for coming to say hi today

~ ~ ~ BELLA ~ ~ ~

Monday, January 23, 2012

The paper bag continued!!! I finally got inside

So after about 10 min of my mom and dad laughing at me and having the camera on me the whole time I finally got the treat outside. I was trying to chew on it but there was a wrapper on it still and I couldn't pick up the whole bone, what a disappointment. shorty after my success she took the bone away from me and then my fun was all over, what a  hard workout for nothing. She made up for it later when everyone got a treat each and mine was more my size. I carried it to my favorite spot by the heater vent and was in heaven.

~ ~ ~ BELLA ~ ~ ~

The paper bag continued!!!

So here is one more video before I actually got into the bag. Mom took over 7 videos of me. She was laughing at me a lot and so was dad, I still can not figure out what was so funny.Stay tuned for the last video to find how my paper bag adventure ends

The paper bag!

So mom comes home with this bag from the grocery store and she had treats for everyone. Apparently this bag was for Slade but I still wanted to see what was inside so bad. Mom heard me from the bedroom making noise and had to come into the kitchen to see what kind of trouble I have gotten myself into. I think the videos explain a lot.
I am getting closer but now my mom is watching me, wondering why she is not yelling at me yet... o well I have to keep trying must find out what is in this bag!

Darn it.... I can't figure out how to post another video maybe this one is too big I do not know so if I have time I will post the other two videos I wanted to share with you because I finally found out what was in the bag.

~ ~ ~ BELLA ~ ~ ~

Thursday, January 19, 2012

The adventure of my kong!!!

So mom and dad went to the store to get Slade some treats for his kong. Dad thought it would be a good idea to get me a mini kong :) gotta love him :) mom didn't think I would like it. Silly mom what was she thinking. So it turns out its one of my favorite toys and every morning before work she loads up my kong with treats or my new favorite peanut butter. Well then the others came home for the week and they found my kong. O my was that a crazy night. Frosty did not want to give it back no matter what I did.

So after mom discovered that Frosty and Nugget also liked kongs she went shopping and got one size up for them. So now we all have our own. Frosty still tries to take everyone's even the huge one Slade has but for the most part everyone is happy.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Wow talk about not letting me talk to all my friends.! I missed you all so much. My mom was so busy at work after the new year she wouldn't even let me on the computer for a few minutes. I was pretty mad at her for a while but now that she explained that without her working hard at her job she wouldn't have one and then I would not get all my nice toys and yummy raw chicken patties so I am going to let her slide this once. She promised me from no on everyday I can say hi to everyone.

I am proud to announce I went a whole weekend without my mom and I made it. I did not think I was going to and I put up a stink and tried to stop her from packing.

Well that did not work so I had to say good bye to my mom as she went to visit a friend in California. I had visitors all night Friday and got to hang out with my moms best friend Angie and my new buddy Chase. This was great fun she got me a new sweater and painted my nails.

  Then bedtime came and I slept by myself all night surprised myself because I made it until morning and I was alright :)  The next day Auntie Charity came to pick me up and I had so much fun. I got to go to a baby shower, hung out in my purse for a while and then got passed around at the end so I could say hi to everyone. She took me up north to visit with Grandpa and Grandma and the rottweilers that was so exciting I love it at the cabin always nice and warm. She even let me sleep in bed with her! that meant the world to me because I like cuddling up right on the pillow and that is just what I did. She dropped me off at home the next day and to my surprise daddy got home before mom and we got to hang out. I was so so happy to see him too, he was fishing all weekend.

Then the best part of the weekend was when mom walked through that door shortly after 2:30 my tail would not stop wagging I thought it was going to fall off :) so now that I talked your ear off I better get going but I will be back tomorrow with tons more stories I have so much to share with you all I can not wait. I have to share my stories about the kongs and me learning how to get into grocery bags. Have a wonderful day.

                                 ~ ~ ~ BELLA ~ ~ ~