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Friday, January 24, 2014

Meatloaf !

Finally I am on the computer... we will not talk about how much mom is on here now...

HI  Today my window was so wonderful, nice and warm and sunny out and I got to watch the icicles grow. 

I have a good story today, Slade is such a good teacher even if he does  not know he is teaching me anything. He is crazy when christmas time comes, I almost got smooshed by him this year he was so excited to open presents. I am still learning I know if I sit there long enough  mom will open them for me and then I still get the treats inside.

but last night something happen. I must admit the smell of meat started the fun for me, I wanted that meat loaf so bad...but then mom helped me grab a hold of the bag and I pulled so hard it ripped, and then ripped some more. It was so much fun

I could not decide what movie to pick so I have a few you can watch if you want to. Grandma you have to watch the Second one, I finally know how to open things I can't wait for Christmas again. 

Notice everything was going great until Dad caught me. I almost had some meatloaf so close.

mom is trying to explain that all my movies will not load so i can only show you one but will find a way to show you the other ones too.

I think I got a little to excited I didn't care was was in the bag anymore I just wanted to rip it apart. Pretty exciting night for me last night but tonight is going to be even better. Slade is coming to visit again I miss him so much. He pretends he doesn't enjoy my company but I know he misses me sniffing his ears. Someday he will fess up.

I hope I can say hi again soon!

                                     ~ ~ ~ BELLA~ ~ ~

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